The future of Bitcoin is unmatched and its inherent powers to dominate the cryptocurrency industry are flawless, as the future holds on the shoulders of the Giants among other currencies. Even though it has been a difficult 12 months in the past,  Micheal Saylor, an advocate, and a Bitcoin Apostle, passionately sees the obvious invisible in the future of digital assets and sees Bitcoin as the winner in the race.

In an interview, he confirmed how four of the US presidential candidates have announced their advocacy to champion the course of BTC, not even as a digital asset but as a digital commodity.

When asked how much higher Bitcoin would go, his response aligns with the almost invincible energy BTC has among its inferior peers. Although he said “The Crypto industry is going to rationalize around Bitcoin” which could be interpreted as BTC becoming the bedrock of other Cryptocurrencies.

Michael Saylor Envisions Bitcoin’s Market Dominance and a Promising Future

MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor envisions a Bitcoin-centric financial sector, anticipating BTC’S market dominance to reach 80% in the crypto market. He argues that regulators’ narrow perspective on crypto exchanges, favoring pure digital commodities like BTC, will rationalize the industry into a Bitcoin-focused landscape with a select few proof-of-work tokens.

Saylor believes that this consolidation around BTC will attract institutional investors who are currently overwhelmed by the vast array of cryptocurrencies.

Despite recent SEC lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase, Saylor remains confident in Bitcoin’s long-term potential and the crucial role of crypto exchanges in the industry.

Financial Giants Rally Behind BTC, Recognizing its Unrivaled Supremacy

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor has reaffirmed his bullish outlook on the future of Bitcoin, emphasizing its potential as a tool for economic empowerment. Recent developments in the financial landscape have witnessed a surge of support for BTC from industry giants such as BlackRock, Deutsche Bank, Fidelity Citadel, and Charles Schwab Credit, along with Banco Santander.

This growing mainstream recognition of BTC’S unrivaled supremacy serves as a testament to its widespread acceptance and establishes it as a global asset with unshakable foundations. These he affirmed in his enthralling interview as he comes with eagle-backed confidence and clarity.

Bitcoin (BTC) price chart from

As these financial giants announced their support for BTC as the only dependable and future-guaranteed cryptocurrency, it’s become a trend that other bigger finance giants will follow soon, nothing but a bullish season for Bitcoin.

Regulatory Clarity: A Challenge And A Ray Of Hope

Regulatory clarity remains a significant challenge in the crypto industry. However, Saylor remains optimistic, seeing a ray of hope piercing through the clouds. The consensus is clear—Bitcoin is unequivocally recognized as a digital commodity, paving the way for its continued growth.

Saylor anticipates institutional investors seeking reassurances regarding secure custody and trading on reputable exchanges, as well as endorsements from regulatory bodies like the CFTC and SEC. Despite challenges, significant advancements have been made, laying the groundwork for a promising future.


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