RippleX, the developer arm of blockchain company Ripple has unveiled an exciting new development for XRP holders. Crossmark, a web wallet developed by Crossmark in collaboration with Ripple, offers a number of features similar to Ethereum’s popular MetaMask wallet.

With Crossmark, the developers aim to revolutionize the way users interact with the XRP Ledger, providing better accessibility and streamlined transactions within the decentralized ecosystem. RippleX’s tweet touting the Crossmark web wallet perfectly captures the essence of this announcement, “Crossmark is a browser-first digital wallet built on top of the #XRPL and it will provide an easy way to sign transactions and switch between networks.”

Crossmark is a browser-first digital wallet built on top of the #XRPL and it will provide an easy way to sign transactions and switch between networks.

Learn more about the project and why they chose to build on the #XRPLedger. (2/3)

— RippleX (@RippleXDev) June 29, 2023


While XRP Labs’ XUMM wallet adopted a mobile-first approach with no intent to build a browser-first solution, Crossmark aims to be the first browser extension, fully committed to the goal of bridging the divide between dapps and the XUMM mobile environment.

Ripple: Empowering XRP Holders

Thus, Crossmark introduces a new paradigm by integrating features similar to MetaMask that are specifically tailored to the XRP Ledger. Through the use of web browser extensions, Crossmark provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for XRP holders, allowing them to effortlessly manage their XRP transactions and interact with decentralized applications (dApps).

As Crossmark writes, new projects built on the XRP Ledger are craving a browser-first wallet. As more developers and users migrate away from the Ethereum ecosystem, this demand will only increase, the developers say.

Crossmark offers a comprehensive solution for signing transactions and smoothly switching between different networks on the XRP Ledger. The browser-first design allows users to conveniently navigate between networks and access various functions and services.

Similar to how MetaMask has impacted the Ethereum ecosystem, Crossmark aims to bridge the gap between dApps and XRP ecosystem users. The integration aims to provide developers with a powerful tool to incorporate XRP Ledger features into web apps, fostering a more diverse and inclusive ecosystem of developer solutions.

Crossmark also prioritizes user security by implementing an encrypted keychain mechanism. This ensures that sensitive keys are securely stored locally on the user’s computer, increasing the safety of funds and personal data.

XRP Ledger Goes MetaMask

Taking a cue from Ethereum’s MetaMask wallet, the developers have recognized the importance of a browser extension solution that facilitates interaction with decentralized web applications. MetaMask has become a standard tool in the Ethereum community, allowing users to seamlessly interact with smart contracts and decentralized financial protocols (DeFi).

The launch of Crossmark aims to replicate this success on the XRP Ledger and create a similar gateway for XRP holders to explore the growing universe of dApps and financial tools. However, a launch date is not yet known. In mid-April, beta testing just with a handful of XRPL developers started.

At press time, the XRP price was at $0.4771, trying to break out of a downward trend channel in the 1-hour chart.

Ripple XRP price



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