The cryptocurrency market is in recovery mode, with Bitcoin alone up more than 11% last month and up 84% on the year. While these gains vastly beat the S&P 500, which has rebounded close to its former all-time highs, they pale in comparison to the copy traders at PrimeXBT.

At the moment, every trader in the copy trading leaderboard top ten has over 500% ROI, with the number one trader’s performance nearing 5x that. By the time you’re done reading, it will become blatantly obvious how PrimeXBT copy traders can outperform the crypto market.

Updated benchmarking with Bitcoin and the S&P 500

In June 2023, Bitcoin closed 11% higher above the psychological barrier of $30,000. At the same time, the S&P 500 ended June, adding 6% to a sustained rally that began in October. Consequently, this was also the most significant move since November and throughout all of 2023 for the major US stock index.

These numbers are strong for any one-month performance across any asset class. But they still might not satisfy the average crypto investor, who is seeking a 5 to 20x on their initial investment. Those figures might seem outrageously high or out of reach, but they aren’t impossible in the cryptocurrency market if you are lucky and find the right gem.

For those that aren’t sure where to search for the next big winner in crypto, aren’t experienced enough to know when to buy, or are just simply too afraid to invest in crypto yourself after the extended crypto winter we just had, then you might want to consider PrimeXBT copy trading.

All about PrimeXBT copy trading transparency

To put it as simply as possible, PrimeXBT copy trading allows investors to follow and replicate the trades of high-performing strategy managers in just a few clicks. Central to the PrimeXBT copy trading experience is transparency. All trading success and risk metrics are tracked by the platform and made visible to all onlookers in the public leaderboards.

On top of keeping traders honest and competition high, the transparency allows users to explore an extensive list of strategy managers to find the few that best suit their personal risk appetite and investment goals. Users can keep an eye on important performance metrics such as max win ratio, max drawdown, margin allocation, and much more.

Copy traders can then add more and more strategies to their portfolios to reduce risk and uniquely diversify their investments. PrimeXBT also provides access to other diversification possibilities outside of crypto, such as stock indices, forex currencies, and commodities.

Top ten traders outperform the crypto market by miles

When seeking any investment, one must consider comparing it to some sort of benchmark. The S&P 500 is the standard for most investors and traders. However, in crypto, Bitcoin is a better benchmark, and beating Bitcoin is a sign of serious alpha.

Using Bitcoin as the benchmark with 11% returns over the last month, the top ten copy traders at PrimeXBT make the returns look meager or minuscule by comparison. For example, the tenth-place trader currently boasts over 540% ROI.

Traders ranked between 10 and 5 each have between 500 to over 600% ROI. In fifth place, a four-star trader came in at just under 700% ROI, while fourth place and third place ranged between 800 to 900% ROI. Finally, second place currently features more than 1,100% ROI, while number one doubles that with over 2,479% ROI.


Any of the above traders surpass the S&P 500 benchmark and Bitcoin as the crypto industry benchmark by miles. Investing in these assets comes with risks that you must learn to manage. In contrast, with PrimeXBT copy trading, these more experienced traders handle the hard part for you. All you have to do is sort through the leaderboards and find the traders with the best performance for you.

Registration is free at PrimeXBT, and copy trading requires only a small initial investment to get started. Rather than risking it all in an obscure altcoin trying to beat Bitcoin or stock market performance, consider a more careful approach focused on copy trading.



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