In a bid to offer NFT holders an unparalleled experience this summer, the renowned fashion brand Lacoste has unveiled an exclusive Ethereum-based virtual store. Collaborating with Emperia, a leading retail technology developer, Lacoste’s virtual store seeks to integrate the best of traditional retail with cutting-edge digital innovations, accessible solely to users who possess Lacoste’s prized UNDW3 NFT passes.

Delving into UNDW3 & Lacoste’s Virtual Store

With Lacoste’s UNDW3 NFT passes, lucky holders gain exclusive entry to the virtual store. UNDW3 is an innovative NFT-based loyalty program, akin to popular schemes like Starbucks’ loyalty program, that Lacoste launched in June.

To access the virtual store’s immersive world, users simply visit Lacoste’s e-commerce platform. The experience commences with an iconic entrance through Lacoste’s distinctive crocodile, leading shoppers to a beautifully designed boutique. Additionally, the virtual store treats visitors to a captivating beach view from an enchanting outdoor pool area.

Throughout the virtual store, Lacoste’s summer apparel collection takes center stage, enticing shoppers with a myriad of fashionable options available for purchase. Engaging shoppers further, the virtual store offers a thrilling crocodile-themed scavenger hunt game to indulge in.

Exclusively Tailored Underwater VIP Space for UNDW3 Holders

For UNDW3 holders, a luxurious underwater VIP space awaits, accessible either through an email login or by connecting their digital wallets containing the coveted NFT. Within this exclusive realm, Lacoste’s specially curated UNDW3 apparel collection is available for purchase, providing a sense of privilege and prestige.

Phygital Trend & Augmented Reality (AR) Fusion

Lacoste and Emperia’s collaboration beautifully exemplifies the burgeoning Phygital trend within the fashion industry. Every item from the exclusive UNDW3 apparel collection is meticulously tokenized as an NFT. By scanning a QR code, holders unlock a delightful augmented reality (AR) feature, elevating the shopping experience with captivating digital enhancements.

The Success of Lacoste & Emperia’s Partnership

Notably, this is not the first time Lacoste and Emperia have joined forces to offer a mesmerizing virtual shopping experience. Back in December 2022, Emperia played a pivotal role in creating a token-gated gamified experience for UNDW3 NFT holders, which garnered widespread acclaim and recognition, including a prestigious Webby Award earlier this year.

Emperia’s co-founder and CEO, Olga Dogadkina, expressed her delight with the ongoing collaboration, praising Lacoste’s forward-thinking approach to e-commerce and customer loyalty, which has spurred the development of cutting-edge technologies that seamlessly bridge the gap between virtual and physical retail realms.

The Fashion World’s Embrace of the Phygital Trend

With the fashion industry embracing the Phygital trend, the fusion of physical and digital realms has become a hallmark of Web3 technologies’ positive impact. Notably, other prominent fashion brands, like Nike, have embarked on similar initiatives, propelling customer experiences to new heights by blending the best of both worlds.


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